5 Marketing Tips for Natural Products and Supplements

Lorenz, Nicole Willis Team

The supplement and natural product industry is growing at a faster pace than ever before. And while this may be a good thing to your company, if you don’t nail your copy and marketing down – you could be losing out on profits.

With the growth of online marketing, you have access to your exact target demographic that needs your supplement. But how can you distinguish yourself from everyone else in the natural product space?

Differentiating Yourself From The Crowded Supplement Space

Since there’s such an influx of new supplements being released each and every day. It’s crucial that you have a specific marketing goal, a system, a process – that ensures your product stands out in a crowded market.

Now I don’t say that to discourage you. While the competition can certainly feel daunting especially when you’re just starting out, this also means there’s a lot of money to be made.

Competition is never a bad thing.

With that said, as long as you follow these 5 marketing hacks I’m about to share with you – there is no doubt in my mind that your natural product marketing efforts will be successful.

#1 What’s The Benefit They Will Get From Your Product?

To really get into the psyche of your customer and get them intrigued to purchase your supplement, you need to discuss the benefits of your product rather than its’ features.

After doing customer research, you should have a general grasp as to what certain desires, pains, and fears they have.

So let’s assume you’re in the process of creating a probiotic supplement…

You don’t want your big takeaway to be – “It creates a healthy gut microbiome, allowing your body to maintain a strong, flourished gut flora”

Instead, you want to talk about the benefits of why this is a good thing. You tell your future customers that by improving your gut microbiome – you’ll begin to experience increased energy, clearer skin, and improved mental clarity.

#2 Establish Yourself As An Authority

It’s important that you address every doubt and concern that your customer may have. It’s your job as the owner of the supplement to either hire someone with accolades or simply prove to your readers that you’re an authority in the market.

There are a lot of skeptics who doubt everything they read or see so it’s your job to address whatever qualms they have. A great way to do this if you aren’t a “physician”, is to provide a lot of value on your website or sales page.

By doing so, you are automatically proving yourself as an authority because you’re providing them with a huge amount of value without anything in return. When you demonstrate your knowledge around the topic, your expertise will immediately make you look more trustworthy and credible.

#3 What Separates You From Everyone Else?

We touched on this a little bit earlier but I want to really hammer this concept down. In order to differentiate yourself from all the other products on the market, you NEED to have a USP (unique selling proposition) that will intrigue the readers and evoke enough emotion in them to take an action.

Creating a multivitamin supplement where the main selling point is to just “feel better” isn’t a strong enough proposition to attract enough attention to your product.

Instead, focus on one main crucial advantage you have over your competitors. Maybe it’s your supplement is created with the highest quality ingredients or you have a unique blend that synergistically works together to provide clean, consistent energy throughout the day…

Whatever it is, make sure that your supplement has at least ONE differentiation that makes your future customers magnetized towards your natural product.

#4 Focus on ONE Traffic Stream

With so many opportunities to market your supplement, it can get very distracting trying to market your product on more than one traffic method.

The fact is, every method of traffic out there works. Whether you are using Facebook ads, search engine optimization, blogging, podcasting – the sky’s the limit. But like anything else, if you spread your focus too thin, you won’t see the results you’d hope for.

Here’s the thing, by spreading yourself too thin – the data you need to analyze won’t give you good enough metrics in order to see what’s working and what isn’t.

By focusing on just one traffic stream, you’ll be able to determine why something is or isn’t working. Especially with cold traffic – going deep is always going to be better than wide, and your bottom line will thank you for it.

#5 Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

If there is just one tip I would recommend you follow over everything else, really narrowing down on your target audience is going to be the one principle that will contribute to the success of your natural product.

To really narrow your focus on your customer, go to the places where they hang out. Find Facebook groups or forums and study the language they use. Really dig deep and do your research on your customers pain points, desires, fears, what keeps them up at night, and even the little things like what their perfect day would look like.

By taking the time to get to know just about everything there is about your prospect, everything else will become much easier.

From the sales page you write, to the subsequent email funnel, or even your natural product’s about page – all of this should be written to convey emotion into your prospect. And in order to do this, you need to know how they tick.

You Can’t Please Everyone

To tie it all together, know that your brand should NOT be created for everyone. This is one mistake I see a lot beginner natural product entrepreneurs make.

By differentiating yourself, establishing yourself as an authority, focusing on ONE stream of traffic, and getting to know the behaviors of your future customers – you will be well on your way to creating a natural product that will not only make you money, but will also satisfy the lives of that ONE demographic in which you’re targeting. Be sure to have a strategy in place before launching your product.