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Since 2010, Nicole has worked in the supplement arena bringing Health Influencers vision of their own Private Label supplement line to life! Due to Nicole’s exceptional abilities in online marketing, launches, nutritional sales and education, she is widely regarded as the «Go–To» for 7–Figure supplement launches and has greatly enjoyed the opportunity to help spread awareness for new products which improve people’s health, lifestyle and quality of life.


What People Say

She really helps you with strategy, strategizing, it’s easy to just buy a product. I can go to any number of supplement company and have them ship me private label product. But having someone like Nicole really gives you that marketing edge, helps you with strategy, and it’s like a great counsel. Sometimes you need more than just product, you need someone that’s going to be standing behind you and to provide that support. I always say call her right away and lean on her as much as you can. She has so much experience in the industry that other people don’t have. She’s working with some of the biggest names in the industry doing very high volumes so I think that alone makes her indispensable.

Peter Kan, D.C. D.A.C.N.B., F.A.A.I.M., C.F.M.P., C.G.P.

The thing I would say that I love about Nicole the most is she’s conscious, she’s thorough, when she says she going to do something she does it, when I message her she gets back to me right away and I don’t have open file syndrome with her. When you’re running several clinics and you have 50-60 employee, it’s great to have one less thing that’s taking my energy credits. Working with Nicole is a multiplier, it’s stable, it’s supportive, it’s something I can depend on that then allows me to go do more. I don’t have to babysit at all which helps me sleep at night, saves my energy credits, reduces stress and helps me show up for our patients, our team and moving our message forward.

Thaddeus Gala, DC

After many years we’ve come to count on Nicole Willis to assure that we have top quality supplements for our readers and patients. Since we often do things differently and insist on purity, we’ve had a lot of challenges for the manufacturing process. Throughout it all, Nicole has guided us sort through countless innovations and many stages of growth

Alan Christianson, NMD Founder of Integrative Health and NY Times Bestselling Author

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